Best Cuban Cuisine in Las Vegas

Cuba Café Restaurant

We brought the best flavor of Cuba. Therefore, you have it in Las Vegas now!

The Cuban Place.

Our Delicious Story

A cuban restaurant in the heart of Las Vegas. 

Cuba Cafe is detailed by our expert service. In other words, we serve quality food.

The use of fresh, high quality ingridients shines through in each beautiful plate presentation.

So you enjoy it from the time you see it until you eat it


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Cuba Café Specialties

All main dishes can be served with different options. For instance, French Fries, Mashed Potatoes, Moros & Cristianos or Rice & Beans

Cordero a las Brasas


Marinated and grill Rock of Lamb to perfection. 

Served w/Moros & Cristianos, Spinach, Creamy Maduros

Rabo Encendido


Braised Ox Tail. Served with White Rice, Black Beans

Arroz con Mariscos


Seafood (shrimps, octopus, calamari, mussels) with yellow rice

arroz con mariscos

Tasting Plate


A combination of Ropa Vieja, Puerco Asado & Pollo Gran Marnier.

 Served w/Moros & Cristianos and Maduros (sweet plantain)

Lechón Asado


Marinated roasted leg of pork topped with fresh garlic, olive oil, lime, mojo and served w/Moros & Cristianos

Bistec de Palomilla


Latin style cut top sirloin steak marinade Spanish Style and pan fried. 

Served w/Moros & Cristianos

Enjoy 2 x 1 on All Well Drinks

Happy Hours

Monday to Thursday, 3PM – 6PM

They All Love Our Food

What our customers say about us…

"Most amazing I ever had. Above all, the specialties!!"
- Ivan Quijano
"Amazing taste, and juicy steaks!! In short, best ever!!"
- Jane White
"I always visit here and enjoy this food. However, they always surprise me."
- Walter Z
"A must visit for every cuban food lover. In conclusion, best cuban food in LV"
- Julissa Tenorio